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Dr. Martensen has been teaching seminars for 30 plus years. His upbeat, easy going, yet comprehensive style has students coming back for more. Here is what some attendees have said:

"Absolutely the best seminar I have ever attended and I have been in practice for over 40 years.  Dr. Martensen is a skilled and knowledge speaker and I enjoyed every second of his presentation."

~ Zoran Milenkovich, D.C. (MCS Member)

"The Michigan Chiropractic Society has received rave reviews of our Radiology Seminar Series featuring Dr. Jan Martensen.  Dr. Martensen is an excellent speaker and an internationally known expert in his field."

~ Kristine Dowell (MCS Executive Director)

Additional testimonials:

~ "Dr. Martensen is an excellent speaker. He keeps class very interesting."

~ "He keeps the class interesting and keeps you thinking."

~ "Great job.  I wish I would have brought a tape recorder so I could of gotten all the information." 

~ "Great job. Excellent teacher."

~ "Dr Jan very nice, easy to listen to."

~ "Dr Martensen is wonderful and good at keeping you interested and alert."

~ "It was interesting  - thanks for the jokes."

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Seminars for Doctors:
Seminars for X-ray Tech/CA:
A Comprehensive Look at the Neck and Shoulder:

A look at the anatomy, pathophysiology, radiology, rehabilitation and treatment of the neck and shoulder. Includes an in-depth discussion of disc degeneration, disc herniation and stenosis of the cervical spine and shoulder impingement and rotator cuff of the shoulder.

Following the seminar the participant should:

1.      Know clinically relevant anatomy of the neck and shoulder

2.      Be able to comprehensively discuss disc degeneration, disc herniation and stenosis.

3.      Be able to discuss shoulder pathology and function.

4.      Utilize the functional and rehab procedure in practice.

A Comprehensive Look at the Low Back and Pelvis:

A look at the anatomy, pathophysiology, imaging, treatment and rehabilitation of the low back, SI-joints and hip joints. Includes in-depth look at disc degeneration, disc herniation, stenosis, passive vs., active treatment, and compression fractures.

Following the seminar the participant should:

1.      Understand relevant clinical anatomy of the low back, sacrum, SI-joints and hip joints.

2.      Discuss the mechanism of low back pain, disc herniation and disc degeneration.

3.      Utilize the functional and rehab procedures in practice.

4.      Understand pathology of hip joints and when to refer.

Sports, Garden and Other Injuries:

A look at the pathophysiology, imaging, treatment and rehab of a range of injuries commonly encountered in a chiropractic office, including sports related injuries, injuries sustained in and around the home, work and auto accidents. Discussion of when to refer a patient out with these injuries.

Following the seminar the participant should:

1.      Discuss and explain the injury and repair process.

2.      Generally understand the scope of injuries and when to refer.

3.      Assess and implement protocols for treatment in the chiropractic office.

Understanding Your Customers - The Practice of Wholeness:

Starting with the motto “doctor heal thy self” this seminar will help the doctor to look at him/herself for wholeness. The seminar then explore a range of conditions that influence the person’s wholeness, including physical, nutritional, mental/emotional and spiritual, as well as a look at the range of treatments available for the DC. Discussion of when to refer and when to co-treat a patient.

Following the seminar the participant should:

1.      Have an assessment of their wholeness.

2.      Treatment options for wholeness.

3.      Understand the range of physical, mental and spiritual conditions one may encounter in the office.

4.      Intelligently assess when a patient needs referral vs. co-treatment.

"What a Pain!" - Conditions of the Nervous System:

A look at conditions seen in the chiropractic office ranging from inflammation associated with degeneration/arthritis to tumors, headaches and abnormalities of neurochemistry. Anatomy, pathophysiology, imaging and treatment options.

Following the seminar the participant will:

1.      Understand the role of inflammation in pain.

2.      Comprehend the range of treatment options for nervous system conditions.

3.      Understand and properly order lab and imaging for arthritic conditions of the spine.

4.      Understand the range of mental and spiritual conditions and treatment options.

From Basic X-ray to Advanced Imaging:

With new imaging choices appearing seemly weekly, the decision for imaging a patient has become more difficult. This seminar will present logical algorithms for imaging of the neural axis and discuss findings for a variety of conditions of the neural axis presenting to the chiropractic office.

Orthopedic, Sport and Neuro Imaging for the Chiropractor:

This seminar present clinical, imaging, treatment and rehab features of a variety of conditions affecting the spine, upper & lower extremities and brain.

Pitfalls and Advances in Imaging:

This seminar has a dual purpose. To present to the chiropractic physician the utility of diagnostic imaging in the management and care of patients presenting to the office. A variety of conditions are examined from clinical presentation through diagnosis to rehab and release or referral. Second, image interpretation is a skill combining diagnostic imaging findings with clinical presentations. This portion of the program will reinforce those skills necessary to differentiate critical radiographic findings from those less important with emphasis on recognizing conditions common to chiropractic practice along with diagnostic pitfalls.

100 Common Conditions Seen In the Chiropractic Office:

A large variety of conditions present themselves to chiropractic office. This seminar present 100 common conditions that might b encountered in the office on a day to day basis. Presentation, diagnosis, appropriate lab and imaging and treatment of each condition discussed.

This seminar can be scheduled for between 8-60 hours.

X-ray Tech License Renewal Seminar:

The seminar discuss current techniques, procedures, positioning and equipment. It is for the already certified tech with knowledge of basic x-ray physics and the x-ray suite.

Hours scheduled as needed by sponsor.

Radiological Physics - From Basics to Excellence:

This series develops the concepts of radiological physics from the basic math and physics principles to x-ray production and interaction. In depth discussion of the x-ray machine, dark room procedures and technique selection followed by positioning, radiation biology and protection. While the emphasis is on general x-ray physics, other modalities as necessary will be discussed.

The level of depth will depend on the length of the course. Longer courses allow time for laboratory exercises and practical aspects.

This seminar can be scheduled for between 12-60 hours.

X-ray Tech License Renewal Seminar:

This seminar discusses current techniques, procedures, positioning and equipment. It is designed for the already certified tech with knowledge of basic x-ray physics and the x-ray suite.

Hours scheduled as needed by the sponsor.